Jubilate and Hop, Skip & Praise

When practicing, we meet in the church on Fridays

 Hop, Skip and Praise 5.30-6.30pm, Jubilate 7.30-9.30pm

Adults form the Jubilate group

at times we welcome others to augment our numbers.

Practices are normally for 3 weeks leading up to a presentation,

at which there is a great deal of caring, fun and laughter

and great joy in worshipping our Lord in music and dance.

We take part at some of our main church festivals

as well as in the Square for the celebration

of the Nativity and the Good Friday Dance/Dramas.

Youngsters form the Hop, Skip and Praise group

they continue to please with their energy and joy.

We welcome new members (no experience necessary)

for either group and will be delighted to see you at any practice.

Organiser: Helen Knowles

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